In recognition of her work in Theater and Performance Studies, Dr. Soyica Colbert has won the 2023 Guggenheim Fellowship Award. This prestigious fellowship is awarded on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise. She joins a diverse group of 171 exceptional individuals chosen from a rigorous application and peer review process out of almost 2,500 applicants from various fields and disciplines.

In recognition of her contributions to Theater and Performance Studies, Dr. Anita Gonzalez has been elected to the 2023 class of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. This accomplishment places her in the company of some of the country’s foremost innovators in multiple fields and professions, including more than two hundred and fifty Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners.

In recognition of her work in African American Studies, Dr. Dayo F. Gore is named a 2023 Freedom Scholar by the Marguerite Casey Foundation. This prestigious accolade includes an unrestricted $250,000 award, supporting her work in advancing racial and economic justice through research and advocacy.

The Department of African American Studies at Georgetown University provides a vital and innovative interdisciplinary course of research, study, and learning. The department offers both a major and minor in African American Studies, and encourages students to engage in advanced level research projects away from Georgetown University. African American Studies’ fundamental investment in theory and practice also supports Georgetown’s ongoing process of imagining the future of the university. Many colleges and universities established African American Studies majors in the late-twentieth century. Today, African American Studies still offers important insights into the future of university education because the organization of the inter-discipline trains and requires students to integrate knowledge from different fields of study in order to solve problems. The integrative aspect of the inter-discipline teaches students how to apply what they know in unfamiliar contexts. In addition, African American Studies has always drawn from the humanities, social sciences, and the arts. The incorporation of the arts alongside the humanities and sciences prepares students to think imaginatively, as well as critically, qualitatively, and quantitatively. 

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