African American Studies Learning Goals

1) Demonstrate knowledge of the major historical and sociopolitical developments in the experiences of people of the African diaspora.

2) Critically engage with and analyze information using theories, methods, and concepts from African American Studies.

3) Acquire both an analytical ability rooted in a traditional discipline and the interdisciplinary skills of investigation and research.

4) Obtain a deep understanding for the development of the field and its ability to bridge community action and scholarly inquiry.

5) Examine writers, critics, and artists that shape the field of African American Studies.

6) Understand the relationships between race, power, and epistemology, and how race and ethnicity intersect with other factors such as gender, class, sexuality, religion, and technology in the United States and/or globally.

7) Articulate verbally and in writing personal and historically grounded interpretations based upon careful documentation and close analysis of texts.